Auditorium of Bondy/ France with Valchromat panels.

24 February 2015

Auditorium of Bondy/ France with Valchromat panels.

This auditorium it’s a new architectural icon to the suburban city of Bondy, in Paris outskirts. This is a project designed by the Parisian atelier Parc Architects.
Bondy has a loose and low-density urban fabric. The architecture of the building plays with aesthetics of the hangar a very simple square plan and ad undulated metal skin. Unlike a traditional hangar, it opens to its context throuch a series of arches, letting in natural light and views. Inside, every space has a specific acoustic reverberation.
According to the projects’s responsibles, Valchromat “Work like wood, hit has a qualities of acoustic reverbation and is easy to work and to implement in terms of carpentry on the construction site.”
Valchromat is coloured throught, wich give sustainability to the material and its colour over time.
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