JOWAT AG at the Zow 2015. Focus on process safety, emission protection and service competence.

11 December 2014

JOWAT AG at the Zow 2015. Focus on process safety, emission protection and service competence.

At the ZOW in hall 20, booth B52, product innovations and services around the adhesive systems of Jowat AG for the wood and furniture industry will be presented including practical demonstrations.
When the gates to the ZOW exhibition grounds open this year, visitors will for the first time see a chemical lab at the Jowat booth, among other things. From research to application consulting: The entire Jowat AG chain of product development and service processes is contributing to this show with field-oriented examples from current topics around the subject of bonding in the wood and furniture industry.
Emission protection and alternative raw materials, innovative product developments and packaging designs optimised for specific processes – for all applications of the wood and furniture industry. Jowat is demonstrating adhesives that represent the spearheads of technology and shows the direct link to value-generating services from R&D, Sales and Technical Support.
The real life implementation of the slogan “Your partner in bonding“ – the claim of Jowat AG – is vividly illustrated this year at the ZOW fair booth. The current technological focus is here on process reliability and emission protection, with demonstrations of practical consulting support. Staff at the booth from the departments R&D, Sales and Application Technology will give hand-in-hand examples of the creation, the application and the rationalisation effects of current product innovations.
Whether in flat bonding, edgebanding or profile wrapping, in serial production, manufacture of individual pieces or assembly, whether water-based dispersion, or thermoplastic - respectively reactive - hot melt: Jowat adhesives are providing substantial input into occupational safety, efficient manufacturing processes and enhanced quality of the final product. The adhesives are developed and manufactured under observation of the strict legal requirements of the EU, complemented by additional voluntary obligations that Jowat AG follows, especially with regard to occupational safety and environmental protection. Jowat AG is represented at the ZOW in hall 20 booth No. B52.

Introducing Jowat
Jowat AG with headquarters in Detmold is one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives. These are mainly used in the woodworking and furniture manufacture, in the paper and packaging industry, for graphic arts, in the textile, automotive as well as in the electrical industry. The company was founded in 1919 and has manufacturing sites in Germany in Detmold and Elsteraue, plus four other producing subsidiaries, Jowat Corporation in the USA, Jowat Swiss AG, Jowat Manufacturing in Malaysia, and the Jowat Universal Adhesives Australia Pty. Ltd. in Australia. The supplier of all adhesive groups is manufacturing over 73,000 tons of adhesives per year, with around 900 employees. A global sales structure with 20 Jowat sales organisations plus partner companies is guaranteeing local service with close customer contact.
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