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04 November 2022


Klebchemie M. G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG, producer of Kleiberit products – modern and innovative. The company’s competence is especially reflected in the tremendous development and productivity in PUR-adhesives, which is why Kleiberit products have become market leaders in this future technology sector!
In the modern laboratories, experienced, innovative and highly qualified chemists develop high quality products in accordance to customer requirements. Emphasis is placed on the development of environmentally friendly and ecologically clean adhesives.
The applications laboratory has an extensive range of machinery, so the skilled technicians and engineers are able to conduct tests under “real life” conditions.
The combination of our inbound quality control, production quality control and constant product development ensures that our customers will only receive quality products.
Kleiberit products are being used by many well known companies in the woodworking, plastics and automotive industries:

- PUR-Adhesive: One and two components
- PUR-Hotmelts, PUR-Glue
- Dispersions: PUR, EVA, PVAC
- Hotmelts: PUR, EVA, PO, PA, PE
- Two component PUR and Epoxy Systems
- Foams and Sealing Compounds
- Solvent based Adhesives.

Working internally and in the field, our highly motivated employees always provide the best customer service through excellent customer care, high quality technical assistance, fast order processing, and quick delivery.

One the latest innovation: Flat Lamination – High Gloss.
In modern flat lamination, polyurethane hotmelts are setting the course in the production of bonded components and are eliminating dispersions, 1 C and 2 C systems.
The KLEIBERIT PUR 700 and 708 product line is comprised of professional PUR hotmelts which make technological advances possible through price and performance. The long open time is a significant factor in guaranteeing a comfortable time frame for bonding large pieces.
Due to the high green strength and the very fast strength build, these adhesives are only required for extremely short press times. The adhesive properties significantly accelerate the operating process.
The very good adhesion performance to multiple, diverse materials like plastic, metal, wood derived products, paper board, textile, etc. ensures that for there is an individual solution for nearly every problem.

For more information contact Mr Peter Mansky:
KLEBCHEMIE, M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG
Max Becker Strasse 4
D-76356 WEINGARTEN / Germany
Tel. +49 7244 620
Fax +49 7244 7000