25 January 2013


The EGGER wood-based materials “House of Inspiration” at the BAU trade fair attracted plenty of attention from visitors. Bringing sustainability to life was the main theme of the exhibition stand.
235,000 industry visitors from around the globe came to the world-leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. EGGER with an unusual exhibition stand in the form of a “House of Inspiration” presented the structural and design possibilities of wood-based materials as well as its new services on 400 m2 (4,300 square feet).
On all six days of the trade fair, numerous visitors came to the exhibition stand with EGGER wood-based materials from sustainable production and upgrading. Hubert Höglauer, Head of Marketing EGGER Group, draws a positive conclusion: “We are highly satisfied with our presentation at the BAU 2013 trade fair. A great number of guests were welcomed at our exhibition stand and we had many interesting technical discussions. We appreciated the increased international presence within the industry audience in particular. The products and services we presented attracted plenty of attention. Our expanded Virtual Design Studio in the PROFI version, combined with the EGGER sample service, was especially well received. Thanks to QR codes on the samples, users can now load the decor images directly into virtual room sets, allowing them to test their effect and compatibility in combinations. The ZOOM decor highlights and our edging programme, which is perfectly coordinated with ZOOM, caused a stir at the BAU trade fair as well. Our cork+ technology and the new FLOORLINE Superior collection with ten new decors in the Large floor board format, which makes rooms appear visually larger, were of special interest in the flooring segment.”
Sustainability as one of the leading topics at the BAU 2013 trade fair played a major role across all parts of the exhibition. The design of the exhibition stand alone demonstrated that EGGER truly lives up to the claim of using wood sustainably. From the raw products for processing, interested industry visitors moved to the interior of the exhibition stand with all product themes, from multi-storey wood construction to flooring innovations to acoustically effective solutions and trends in furniture and interior design. This composition illustrated the responsible use of wood as a resource: EGGER only processes wood from sustainable forestry operations, organises all processes in cycles that conserve resources and utilises used wood, down wood and wood from forest thinning to produce wood-based materials.
NEW ENVIRONMENTAL BROCHURE AND EXPERT DISCUSSIONS The new “Naturally EGGER” company brochure was presented for the first time at the BAU trade fair. It provides competent and comprehensive answers to questions related to climate protection, forestry and healthy living, the origins of raw materials, the structure of the material cycle and details about recycling processes as well as controlling VOCs and formaldehyde emissions. The brochure is a useful reference for using EPDs, and for understanding environmental performance assessments as well as building certification procedures.
In the course of an event on the topic of “Ecology in Construction and Interior Design”, held at the EGGER headquarters in St. Johann in Tirol (AT) as a prelude to the trade fair, company representatives also discussed the theme of sustainable construction and healthy living with independent experts from renowned research institutions. They agreed on the need for the cascading use of wood: the raw material should first be used for materials, with thermal exploitation to follow only at the end of its lifecycle. The experts also confirmed the increasing importance of building certification and environmental product declarations. These new European approaches to evaluating sustainability also point in the direction of a product performance analysis throughout the entire lifecycle.
EGGER TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE IN DEMAND IN PRESENTATIONS As the world’s largest trade fair for architects and engineers, BAU 2013 also offered a valuable discussion platform for architects and industry with Forum A6. EGGER supported this exhibition stand as a sponsor by donating its own materials and assisting with planning, and also contributed to the presentation programme with expert knowledge.
Klaus Monhoff, Head of Design and Decor Management EGGER Group, spoke about decor development in dialogue with architects and industry. Efficiency and climate protection through wood construction were addressed by Frank Drews, Head of Marketing EGGER Building Products along with architect Bruno Moser, and linked to the corporate architecture that has been brought to life by EGGER. These presentations were held under the themes of “Global Architecture” and “Architecture and Climate Change”, once again emphasising the great importance of sustainability for EGGER.
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