Oece: special effects for wood and glass

02 December 2005

Oece: special effects for wood and glass

Oece has designed a line of “Special Effects” for wood and glass that includes a series of products created to offer new aesthetic solutions for artisans, architect and industrial furniture manufacturers.
One of the cornerstones of Oece philosophy is to create custom-made products able to satisfy any requirement and prove to be the ideal solution for its customers’ projects.
Their easiness of use, their variety and their ability to adapt to customers creations, make the Oece special effects a valuable instrument to all the professionals operating in the world of design, innovation and style research.

Below are only some of the numerous effects than can be achieved:
• Pelle di pesca, for an extreme and uniform opacity combined with a pleasantly soft touch;
• Cromi riflettenti, high impact metallic effect;
• Macroter metallizzato, embossed-metallic effect particularly refined and original;
• Macroter, refined decorative finishing with a lightly embossed aesthetic appearance combined with an exquisite softness of touch.
• Semi di giglio, transparent with a direct embossed effect;
• Metalmat, very fine and aesthetically delicate opaque metallic effect;
• Madreperla, elegant mother-of-pearl decorative effect with a three-dimensional surface structure;
• Premetal, creates brilliant coatings with a “luminous” metallic effect;
• Vento di dresda, gives treated surfaces a velvety soft appearance and is exceptionally pleasant to the touch;
• Fluolac, fluorescent finishing characterised by extremely brilliant and luminous colours enhanced by daylight.
• Other effects to be mentioned are craquelé, pearly luminary, marble, granite, brilliant with glitter in various sizes, orange-peel finishes...

In addition to the treatment of wood, plastic and metal products, the Oece special effects are excellent for painting glass, thanks to their particularly good adhesion properties.The Oece research activity, always committed to the creation of environmentally friendly products, has developed a new water based varnishing line for glass.
These varnishing products are almost solvent free, thus reducing considerably the problems related to the atmospheric pollution and the emission of volatile organic substances into the work environment, while allowing easy disposal of liquid and solid waste, thanks to the nature of their binders and filomogenic components.

Oece: special effects for wood and glass