FRAME PUBLISHER: News issue springtime of Elephant #18.

13 March 2014

FRAME PUBLISHER: News issue springtime of Elephant #18.

In previous issues we have looked at how, in a world saturated by low res JPEGs and digitalised imagery, the slow and unique rhythms of painting have offered an option almost a lifestyle option to the contemporary artist.
Elephant #18 is a special edition that explores the continued relevance of painting today: we speak to a large number of painters (Kent Iwemyr, Marcin Maciejowski, Ulrich Lamsfuss and Caroline Walker). We also ask questions about the value of paintings, which James Cahill engaging in dialogue with curators Sir Norman Rosenthal and Clarrie Wallis, as well as paintings Chantal Joffe, Charlie Billingham and Ged Quinn.
Other Encounters features include insightful conversations with contemporary masters of the brush such as Hernan Bas, James Nares and Zhu Jinshi.

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