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07 September 2020


“As Kastamonu Entegre, we have been continuing our global activities by making continuous production in the wood-based panel industry for half of a century. In our production facilities in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia and Italy.We produce raw and melamine-surfaced MDF and particleboard, laminate flooring (Floorpan, Artfloor), gloss panel (Glossmax Pro, Mattplus, Glossmax, Evogloss), door panel (Doorpan, Doorlam), worktop (Technotop, Neotop) and various value-added products for furniture, decoration and construction industry. We have a company in the USA, where we carry out wood chip supply and logistics processes. Our company which has consolidated revenue of 1.3 billion USD and provides employment to more than 6,000 employees is an industry leading company, and is the 4th largest company as a manufacturer of wood-based panels in Europe, and 7th largest company as a manufacturer of wood-based panels in the world.”

“Kastamonu Entegre, which is among the top 4 manufacturers of MDF, particleboard, laminate flooring and door panel products in the world, carries out 6% of the world laminate flooring production itself. In our production facilities with an annual production capacity of 5.6 million m3 of wood-based panels, we produce to create a living areas for 4.500 residences every day. We export to more than 100 countries on six continents from China to the USA, from Australia to Canada, and earn 60% of our turnover/revenue from foreign operations. Recently, we have added the third largest particleboard manufacturer of Italy, GruppoTrombini, to our foreign investments, which have been continued for more than 20 years, and we have increased the foreign investment amount to over 1 billion USD. As the Largest Turkish Investor in Italy, with this investment we made in Italy, we expanded our production geography towards Central Europe. We produce raw and melamine-surfaced particleboards for the Italian furniture industry by using 100% recycled raw materials in our facility here. Last year, Our company, which opened the design center named ‘Kastamonu Entegre Design Center' in Pesaro, the city of furniture and design, produces products and decorations that direct and shape the industry in this center. We have a 30% market share in particleboard production in Romania which is our first international investment, and we are also the third largest door panel manufacturer in the world. Our second foreign investment, Bulgaria Particleboard Facility, is the second largest facility/center with a 40% market share in particleboard product group in the market. We completed the first stage of the modernization works in the amount of 130 million USD for the facility in Bulgaria and the first part of the line has been active since last year. As the second stage is being active, we aim to increase the two and half times production capacity in this facility. Our Kastamonu Russia facility, which has one of the highest capacity for MDF production facilities in the world, has reached an annual MDF production capacity of 500 million USD, and our company the largest MDF manufacturer in Russia. In line with the expectations of our customers, we can produce fire retardant (FR), moisture resistant (MR) products with FSC certificate in CARB Phase II and F**** standards. We are the first Turkish manufacturer to obtain the right to use Blue Angel, the world’s first eco-label environmental certificate, in laminate flooring products. Our company, acting with the mission of protecting natural balance and contributing to the society, is one of the companies that prepared this report in the wood-based panel industry by publishing its first sustainability report last year. In our production facilities compatible with Industry 4.0, we will continue to lead the innovation and development with our information and technology intensive project collaborations and value-added products which offer the most accurate solutions to customer needs.”

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