Dr. Pino Ventrella, President & CEO Ventrella Legnami. Photo Datalignum
Dr. Pino Ventrella, President & CEO Ventrella Legnami. Photo Datalignum
Presidents & Managing Directors

04 September 2018


La Ventrella Legnami Srl, is a company specialized in processing and distribution of timber and panels.
In 1947 Guido Francesco Ventrella started the commercial activity of resinous and hardwood woods. Later, thanks also to the support of the two sons Michele and Pino, the activity grew considerably, expanding the range of products and woods distributed.

With the passage of time, the conditions for the beginning of the wood working activity also mature. Thus, in the early 90s, the production of semi-finished products, especially made for woodworking application from handworkers. Soon the production of semi-finished products is expanded to satisfy the market of sofas industries, with a view to adapting the processes and products to the specific needs of each customer.
Currently, as far as the distribution is concerned, the products are imported from the best producers on the market, to guarantee customers the highest possible quality. The storage and conservation techniques used also ensure correctness timber drying, to the advantage of stability and workability. The most commercialized products are:
- Panels (multilayer, chipboard, plywood, solid wood panels, block-board, hardboard, OSB, MDF, MFC, etc.)
- Wooden of conifers, wood profile, molding, casings and morals - Hardwood timber (European, American and exotic) - Softwood timber (European). 
- Laminar beams and building material wood. 
- Veneers, multi-laminar and laminates HPL and CPL.
In the field of wood processing, Ventrella Company use machinery allows to meet the specific needs of each customer, being able to perform various types of processing on beams, boards and panels.
Thanks to the wide range of products sold and the technical equipment, Ventrella Legnami Srl today it is propose as an ideal partner for furniture factories, sofas and building companies.

For direct contact, ring to Dr. Pino Ventrella:
Via Comunale Mastricale 20
I-70017 PUTIGNANO / Bari / Italy
Ph. +39 080 4055036
E-mail: info@ventrellalegnami.it