Luigi Valentini / Valentini Group
Presidents & Managing Directors

27 January 2006

Luigi Valentini / Valentini Group

The result of the entrepreneurial talent of its founder Luigi Valentini, this industrial Group consists of 6 companies(Industrie Valentini Spa, Cartiere di Guarcino Spa, Confalonieri Spa, Corbetta-Fia Spa and Giesse Industria Mobili Spa) synergically interconnected to maximize the creation of value-added during the most important stages of the furniture production cycle.
A dynamic industrial company whose success is based on the expertise of its personnel and machinery – over 1,290 employees and avant-garde production processes that guarantee the highest quality levels in full respect of the environment. In 2005, the Gruppo Valentini boasted sales accounting for 204 million Euros. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the Gruppo Valentini also has a share in Gruppo Mercatone Uno, a furniture distribution company in Italy whose profit does not fall within the above mentioned figures, even though this can be interpreted as an additional step of vertical integration. Among the Italian industrialists in the sector, the person who boasts the most widespread experience in the field of materials is Mr. Luigi Valentini, President of the Valentini Group. We went to Rimini to talk to him about the current situation and future prospects. This is what he told us:

“This is not the most positive moment. We have to bear in mind that, for better or for worse, the advent of the Euro and globalization have created imbalances. Europe is paying the highest price with respect to other developing countries. In Europe, we are forced to import finished products at low prices and, by doing so, create unemployment in our countries. Today, the market is somewhat stagnant and I believe that this trend is likely to continue for at least another two years. Another important aspect is selection in production and distribution: small companies will no longer have the necessary room unless they merge.
Conversely, larger companies will have to be capable of competing on all fronts on larger markets. They will have to satisfy customer requirements and what the latter can afford with their present spending power. Research and development will play a key role in future years meaning that strategic marketing and communication will assume an increasingly important role. Aside from the problems that have always existed, I have great faith in the future.”

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