Interview with Massimiliano Messina (Flou Spa).
Presidents & Managing Directors

21 May 2012

Interview with Massimiliano Messina (Flou Spa).

Concerning the report The furniture industries in Province of Monza-Brianza (see in home page of our search engine and pick inside the cover Datalignum 248) we asked “The industry has helped with your products so significant to the development and image of the furniture industry in Brianza in the world. In recent years, what has changed and/or have noticed changes in the way of managing companies, products made of the market. What initiatives have given a significant positive contribution to your industry?”
The reply was: “It’s in our blood. Italy is the land of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto, Raphael – people able to convey a passion for beauty and a love of a job well done, generation after generation.
This is valid for everything to an extent, including of course design, especially from the beginning of the Fifties, when a number of businessmen from Meda and the surrounding area had a stroke of intuition and began having their furniture designed by the architects of the time, who were not yet known as “designers”.
It was this enlightened idea that in the years thereafter allowed the sector to grow and led to the appearance of many furnishing companies, including our own: Italian-crafted furniture was about to win over markets throughout the world.
Since then, there has been a continual desire to produce items using advanced technology yet still able to boast superlative, almost hand-crafted quality.
Over such a long period of time (such phenomena rarely last so long….just look at the rapid rise and fall of Scandinavian furniture), much has inevitably changed: management, materials, production processes, communication, distribution, markets, consumers…
Nevertheless, thanks to the wide variety of models, styles and looks – and above all the excellent quality – Italian furniture has maintained its leading role on the world stage, without ever losing its allure or authority.”

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