Nilguen Binbay, the Siempelkampís multilingual segretary. Photo Datalignum
Nilguen Binbay, the Siempelkampís multilingual segretary. Photo Datalignum
women & companies

04 November 2016

Nilguen Binbay, the Siempelkampís multilingual assistant.

For heading "Women & Companies” we present Mrs Nilguen Binbay that was born in Krefeld/Germany and she is Turkish citizen.

Multilingual secretary, working since 1997 at Siempelkamp and as Sales Assistant in the Wood Division.
She is the perfect feminine amalgam of beauty, grace, efficiency, kindness and positivity.

Siempelkamp Traditionally a leader in innovations.
Can look back on over 133 years of history.
This history has been influenced by the far sighted and innovative actions of the Siempelkamp family of entrepreneurs but also by the motivation, diligence, and creativity of the numerous generations of our sales people, engineers, and technicians.
G. Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG is the holding company of a group of affiliated companies consisting of the business units machine and plant engineering, foundry technology, as well as engineering and service.
Siempelkamp's machine and plant engineering business unit is a system supplier of press lines and complete plants for the wood-based products industry, the metal forming industry and the rubber industry. Siempelkamp's foundry technology business unit has the world's largest hand-molding foundry capable of producing castings made of ductile cast iron with weights of up to 320 t (353 US tons).
Siempelkamp's engineering and service business unit is a component supplier as well as service provider for safety equipment around the reactor core. For more information:

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