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CONFOR’S SOS: Save our Softwoods.
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22 May 2012

CONFOR’S SOS: Save our Softwoods.

The latest in the popular series of policy papers from Confor is SOS: Save our Softwoods – why?, designed to correct misinformation and misunderstanding about England’s valuable softwood resource.
This paper is number five in a series intended to inform the current debate around England’s woodlands. However, the papers can also be applied to the rest of the UK.
This paper outlines some of the threats currently facing England’s conifer forests, explains the wide range of benefits they provide beyond the associated industry, and explains why they need special consideration. It also puts forward ideas for action.
Caroline Harrison, Confor’s England manager, explains: “These papers are written in an accessible style to contribute to the current debate. Together, they provide a taste of some of the key issues that forestry faces, as well as the benefits it provides. The Independent Panel on Forestry is in the final stages of its deliberations and media interest will rise again when it publishes its recommendations to ministers in the summer.
“England’s broadleaved woodlands are rightly lauded and their benefits well understood by most, but the importance of softwoods is rarely appreciated. They support an industry, from nurseries and timber growers, through forestry contracting and management businesses, to timber harvesting and processing companies, which is the backbone of forestry in England, yet many people seem to be unaware of their existence and significance.
“It is vitally important that the media, public and decision-makers consider all relevant interests. This series of papers seeks to fill so me of the gaps that have been evident over the last 18 months. We hope they will be widely read.“
The papers are featured on Confor’s website which receives around 12,000 unique visits a month.

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