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LignaDecor is a reliable partner for the wood based and laminate flooring industry.
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03 October 2012

LignaDecor is a reliable partner for the wood based and laminate flooring industry.

Impregnation lines: Following the latest trends in furniture industry in the production, the company produces melamine impregnated papers, mead overlays and liquid overlays for flooring, melamine edge-banding, and post-impregnated foils in our two state of art production lines.
In unique production line, we also have the facility of LPL for impregnated paper, barrier, balance and backer impregnation, post-forming kraft and overlay for the CPL and HPL industries, kraft lamination for the trays, home furniture and Werzalit and Shuttering Kraft.
The first impregnation treater has a production width of 2700 mm. This versatile line can produce papers in sheets as well as in rolls and lacquering for edge-banding and foils can be applied. It is also used for liquid overlays and for the production of pigmented white papers. It has a yearly capacity of 36 million square meters. The second line has a production width of 2300 mm. This line is destined for high speed treating of impregnated papers. It has a yearly capacity of 48 million square meters.
Edge-banding productions: LignaDecor produces thin and thick PVC edge-bandings for the furniture industry.
- In the production facility, there are 4 thick and 2 thin edge-banding production lines. In these lines, varied surfaces and colors such as wood-grains, metals and plain surfaces can be produced. - Thick PVC is embossed during the production of the edge-banding itself whereas for Thin PVC production, we have an embossing line with numerous surface designs to satisfy your needs. - Thick PVC production line has the facility of printing the surface color and the design of the edge-band during the production process.
- In Thin PVC production, the two printing lines give us the flexibility of producing various surface colors and designs matching your requirements. We have more than ... cylinders used in our printing line.
- Thin PVC edge-bands may also be are slitted in the slitting line according to the required widths.
For more information contact Mrs Funda Selcuk:

LignaDecor AS
Dudullu Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Nato Yolu Cad. 11
TR-34775 Umraniye Istanbul (Turkey)
Ph +90 (216) 528 27 00
Fax +90 (216) 365 88 66