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components / hardware

03 December 2021


The beginnings of our company starts in 1991 when the company was first to market began with the production of table legs. Table legs became an instant hit and a great month to deliver thousands of pieces of table legs in various designs and colors. With great interest to our customers since 1996, we began to produce and deliver a central table legs and pedestal.

The production program was initially some basic models of the central column, we have since 1998 expanded into the new market.
Offer central table leg and feet and now contains over 150 different models and types. We are able to meet all requirements of clients, architects, investors in a very short delivery times. We are currently the largest producer and supplier of table legs and a central base in Central Europe. In 1998 we also expanded our product range on offer structures for office tables - table structure. They develop the Czech market has demanded new solutions and unrivaled design, these requirements, we went to meet mesa structures GP and GPC (JSB sign today and SKC). Our new offering we have approached dozens of manufacturers, who then participated with us in the development and improvement of our products. The offer we then listed as new elements and parts of the mesa structures (corner feet, extension elements, computer media, etc. ..). In 2009 we responded to the impending crisis in the furniture industry, introducing a new - the economic structures of a number of table-SKCH O. This series has met with unprecedented success with customers and its sales are still rising. With an extremely favorable price and high quality of the model is a true bestseller in our range.
With a wide range of structures for office desks, the best products and fast delivery schedules, our company ranks among the largest suppliers of table structures in the Czech market. Since 2000, our company apart from table legs, table pedestals, and table seating designs available. Modern chairs, dining chairs, bar chairs, designer chairs - all found in our range of seating furniture. Outdoor furniture wholesale supply particularly in various commercial projects, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, lobbies, fast food. We offer a dozen models in various versions (plastic chairs, wooden chairs, upholstered chairs), from basic models that excel in positive quality / price ratio to design pieces that ensure individuality and luxury interior. We offer our customers the opportunity to try dozens of models of chairs, bar stools and chairs in our showroom, where customers provide expert advice and comprehensive information. In addition to hundreds of smaller projects (supply of seating and table furniture to restaurants, cafes, private homes, etc..) We participated in the implementation of significant projects, including multinational companies and chains, such as Globus, Albert / Ahold, Hilton, Pepsi, etc... 

For more information contact Mr Radek Wolf:

Náchodská 2479/63
Horni Pocernice
CZ-193 00 PRAHA 9 / Czech Republic
Ph. +420 222 560172 / +420 777 277064