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28 January 2021


Ring Mekanikk is a leading manufacturer of torsion bar mechanisms for furniture Industry, based in Norway and Latvia, with more that 90% of products exported worldwide.

Single action tilt Single action tilting, supplies the chair with a simple tilt movement pivoting around one tilting point beneath the seat.
The mechanism can be fitted on a chair with fixed angle between the backrest and the seat, but function also well in a construction where the backrest can be adjusted independent of the seat. The distance between the pivoting point and the center point of the seat define wheter the mechanism function merely as a tilting device or as a knee tilt. Double action mechanism This is a double action mechanism, also known as a synchro mechanism. The mechanism consists of two pivoting points where the seat and back tilt at a ratio of 1:2. In an ergonomically optimal action, the pivoting points will be as close as possible to the user’s knee joint and hip joint, ensuring that the seat and back move in perfect symmetry with the body. The technology is suitable for high function ergonomic office chairs and executive chairs. Backrest tilt The C-series are mechanisms solely for controlling the movement of the backrest. By placing the pivoting point beneath the seat close to the hip joint, the movement follows the users back perfectly – no shirt push. Recliner chairs and home care furniture E-mechanisms are designed for chairs on four legs and can also be delivered in A, B or C–series variants. The E-mechanisms are primarily intended for recliner type home or home care chairs. The strength and linear characteristics of the torsion bar ensures a smooth movement backwards and helps lifting the user back to an upright position when desired. Ring Mekanikk's focus on ergonomically optimized mechanisms is well suited for home care and institutional chairs. The properties of the torsion bar principles together with the strength of the construction allows the manufacturer the freedom of design as the main carrying part will be the mechanism. The torsion bars characteristics is suitable for tailor made solutions for users with reduced mobility.

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