Gera lighting system 
components / hardware

01 June 2006

Gera lighting system 

Gera lighting system 7
Shelf lighting
Gera lighting system 7 was designed to operate with extra small illuminates such as LEDs, miniature fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps. It offers the possibility of integrating light also in smaller grooves or behind glass shelves.
Featuring the small yet powerful T2 fluorescent tube the Gera lighting system 7 will enhance regular glass shelves. The light radiates out from the rear edge, shines through the glass and produces appealing light effects on the front edge. Displayed objects are washed in light through decorative openings in the aluminium profile and through the glass shelf’s refined surface. Gera lighting system 7 with LED technology offers extra small and stylish applications for furniture edges and grooves. Create delicate lines of plain white or coloured shining light and stage your own colour mixing light show by remote control.
Several furniture and room segments can be networked through Gera lighting system 7 colour changing technology and thus communicate extraordinary lighting moods.

Gera lighting system 3
Light board
As an innovative and singular concept that perfectly combines the load capacity of a strong shelf with the lightness of modern light and LED technology. For this lighting system GERA Leuchten received the prestigious “if design award 2004”.
Replacing conventional shelves, Gera lighting system 3 will bring individual furniture design to a completely new dimension. Wash the room into gently fading colours with 2,5 million possible combinations and create a very personal atmosphere. The control unit at the bottom allows to programme colour changes, degree of brightness and speed of change as well as to set the system to the colour desired. At the push of a button it’s possible to add dimmable downwards shining light.
This Gera lighting system represents an excellent choice for kitchens which are planned without conventional wall units. That is where its bright and glare-free light, practical switches and highly useful sockets are well appreciated features.
The rail in the bottom rear section of the shelf is suitable for many useful Linero 2000 hook-in accessories. Light radiating from the top side of the shelf can be dimmed individually to create the perfect light environment for useful and appetising storing of kitchen items.

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