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01 December 2017


When designing modern furniture, one can achieve a perfect appearance by selecting a suitable ABS edge-banding tape. The Blažič collection encompasses a wide selection of originally developed ABS edge-banding tapes from all renowned producers of quality particleboards. The collection contains a wide assortment of various solid color, wood grain designs and abstract patterns, high gloss finishes, super matte finishes and designs resembling a real aluminum finish. ABS edge-banding tapes are available in various surface structures, including imitations of solid wood, roughly sawn wood and end grain as well as textiles, leather and stone. With a wide range of over 850 ABS designs with various thicknesses and widths, ABS tapes from the Blažič collection can meet any customer’s requirements.

ACRYLIC 3D Edge-Banding Tapes
Their innovative and impressive 3D appearance can undoubtedly increase the value of any furniture.
ACRYLIC edge-banding tapes, also known as 3D edge-banding tapes, are available in stock with thickness of 1 mm and 2 mm in various combinations of the color of aluminum and solid color shades. The ACRYLIC edge-banding tapes are also available to order in other solid color and wood grain designs and imitations of end grain.
LASER Edge-Banding Tapes
Laser edge-banding tapes are a new generation of tapes with a useful layer applied on the back side of the edge-banding tape intended for laser edge banding as well as hot air or other technologies without using hot glue. The advantages of the laser edge-banding tapes are the concealed adhesive bond, the strong bond with high temperature resistance and high moisture resistance. AirMelt and LaserMelt laser edge-banding tapes from our own production are available in all types of edge-banding tapes from the Blažič collection, ABS and melamine edge-banding tapes and edge veneers. the tape. The tapes are also available in various levels of quality, for edge banding of straight-line edges, soft-forming as well as for edge banding of grooves on door leaves.

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