DAMIANO LATINI, ITALY: Furnishing Accessories, Kitchen Rack & Handles
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10 November 2017

DAMIANO LATINI, ITALY: Furnishing Accessories, Kitchen Rack & Handles

Fifteen years ago, when our company has been making its first steps in the world of kitchens, we would never imagine to be in a short time among the most important suppliers of the national and international brands. Very soon we added to the handles production, the production of kitchen racks and the furnishing accessories which are now our point of honor due to the creativity, functionality and innovative design Your living space, your everyday gestures, and your different requires which are combined with your own habits and personality, are the crucial points which pushes you to imagine the new creations.

Creative combos Every our product is created to give an opportunity to furnish and to project any space in a simple and functional way, according to your ideas, your personality and your style. The forms, the colors and the materials are the instrument which we use to create the original combinations and innovative solutions that redraw the outlines of your everyday life that fit you best Your home, your office will be always new while remaining the same vital space you live in, changing in step with you and with the evolutions of your personal story to create a potential and infinite composition.
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