Häfele at Interzum Hall 7.1 Booth C040. Experience “Micro Living” and “Smart Home”
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14 May 2017

Häfele at Interzum Hall 7.1 Booth C040. Experience “Micro Living” and “Smart Home”

Interzum award “Best of the best” for new furniture connector. Häfele thinks ahead and stays true to its motto “More life per square metre”. In Hall 7.1, Booth C040 the company will bring the entire furniture technology experience to life and present new products, innovative and smart ideas for the digital networking of furniture and rooms focused on the mega trends “Micro Living” and the “Smart Home”.

Häfele will once again fulfil its traditional role as an innovator in the industry with two new furniture connectors that have just received the Interzum award 2017. The one-piece Ixconnect spreading bolt 8/25 won the highest distinction with the “Best of the best” designation. Another prize was awarded for the new EasyStorage connector, a universal connector for furniture pieces. It cuts the assembly time of furniture pieces from the Easy Storage range in half, compared to conventional connectors. Engineered by Häfele’, a credo that has made simplicity and easiness for customers the top priority.
The international trends “Micro Living”, comfortable living in small spaces, and “Smart Home”, networking of furniture with their surroundings, intelligent control and adaptation to different living situations and daily routines of residents, challenge the furniture industry to develop appropriate answers. Häfele understands furniture, consistently expands its assortment as a system partner and always has his customers in view. During interzum, the company will show new ways to the future. Visitors will experience live and in person how intelligent furniture with advanced functions will shape and alter spaces; for example via Häfele Connect completely new dimensions can be explored with a smartphone app.
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