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05 July 2016


This innovative material is the first to combine high-end appearance, efficient production and functional properties in a single product.

It allows unusual visual surface effects to be created simply and cost-effectively. Based on a textile substrate, the self-adhesive material wraps snugly around curved and even spherical surfaces. It is very robust, resistant to scratching and easy to clean. The material was developed for interior use, first and foremost in visual merchandising, retail and shopfitting. The colour shades and surfaces of the Theatre collection are harmoniously coordinated, so they can be combined in many ways. These decors therefore offer a wide spectrum of interior and display design possibilities.
It makes it possible to execute special client requests in terms of both design and technical aspects. HOUSSINI Surface Decor offers exceptional surface quality through the interplay of colour and texture. The decors have an unusually soft metallic shimmer and give an impression of depth, for applications in product and brand display that go beyond the ordinary. The surfaces are suitable for individual display and are ideal for visual merchandising, retail and shop interiors. With their special properties and approximately 1.4 mm thickness, these premium surfaces have an emotionally appealing feel.
Both eye and hand perceive this “soft-touch effect” as attractive and pleasant. HOUSSINI is offered in 1.4 m wide rolls in lengths up to 20 metres. It is suitable for covering walls and floors, platforms and presentation areas, since it adheres to any smooth, clean surface. The material can also be used to make objects or cut-outs. It can also be digitally printed or screen-printed and covered with foil laminate.
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