One Niemannís production of Kristall Satin.
One Niemannís production of Kristall Satin.
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24 November 2022

NIEMANN_GERMANY: The future based on tradition since 1832.

In Eastern Westphalia, located in the heart of the German furniture industry, Niemann is one of the most important suppliers of furniture components and composite panels for interiors and the furniture industry.

The family-owned company manufactures with 248 employees worldwide with-state-of-the-art technology at the headquarter in PR. Oldendorf and production sites in Czech Republic and South Africa and maintains more subsidiaries in Turkey, South Africa, Poland and India. Due to its unique and wide range of manufacturing, a strong focus on research and development, and last but not least its growing role in a network of innovative customers and qualified suppliers, Niemann considers itself as an integrated system provider for customer-oriented solutions in quality, functionality and design. In a market environment that foregrounds more and more on mass production and low-cost production, we distinguish particularly the demand of individual and customized products. As a typical supplier of front covers, we are dedicated early to the individual and on-demand delivery of technically and aesthetically high-quality furniture parts in lot size „1“ while at the same focusing on the surface as a central element of the living environment.

For more information contact Mr. Mark Niemann, CEO:

Niemann GmbH & Co. KG
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D-32361 Pr. Oldendorf / Germany
Tel. +49 5742 9305-0
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