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components / hardware

20 December 2018


A revolutionary development for the Italian furniture market is the Tiomos hinge system Tiomos which is being used by cooperation partner Stosa Cucine Italy, among others. Grass conceals the new integrated damper generation Soft-close within the hinge arm. One of the outstanding features of Tiomos is directly linked with the damping system, as this is steplessly adjustable – and can therefore be individually adapted to provide the best possible comfort for the respective application. The complex inner workings of the high-tech hinge operate with the precision of a Swiss watch movement. The closing operation is performed smoothly and evenly in each phase of the movement. Door size and weight do not make the slightest difference. Integrated damping is a feature of the entire Tiomos range, which also includes now Tiomos Mirro for mirror and glass doors and Tiomos M9 for use with very slender furniture doors and mitred application on all four sides . A key criterion for use in the Italian furniture market is the fact that the newly developed movement sequences make it possible to achieve minimum gaps and reveals – providing virtually endless scope for creative design.
DWD XP drawer systems unite to create a total drawer system for the most demanding requirements Stosa using the DWD XP drawer system, for example, furniture designers can let their imaginations run wild. The diversity of high-end movement variants and the plethora of materials, colours and designs offer absolute creative freedom. The extraordinary running properties of the DWD XP guide and the elegant design of the double-walled DWD XP drawer system merge beautifully to create a total drawer system for the most challenging demands. To comply with the large, calm surface required by modern furniture without obtrusive handles, the DWD XP offers two innovative opening systems: Tipmatic Plus and Sensomatic. Tipmatic Plus is a mechanical opening system, with which large, handle-free front panels open simply with a tap. In contrast, Sensomatic is based on an electromechanical variant and unites the benefits of handle-free opening and the elegance of cushioned closing. Also available is the holistic Soft-close cushioning concept, with which drawers softly brake upon closing and gently retract the drawer. The DWD XP program comprises various frame colours, materials and designs – each with the perfect complementary attachment and divider systems.
GRASS has now expanded this variety to include a top-class add-on system for glass –part of the DWD XP full-range drawer programme – which can be used in countless applications. In other words, wherever the elegant aesthetics of glass is a design requirement.
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