Wagner System, finally calmness the QuickClick “Silencer”
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05 December 2011

Wagner System, finally calmness the QuickClick “Silencer”

The QuickClick “Silencer”, a completely novel furniture slider, is a revolution for chair manufacturers. It’s because it solves – for the very first time convincingly – an everlasting problem: filigree round tube chairs generate loud, very disturbing noise, they vibrate and can be moved only with effort. Chairs which are equipped with the QuickClick “Silencer”, slide – thanks to exchangeable slide inserts from the QuickClick System – floor protecting, smooth and noiseless on any kind of flooring.
The QuickClick “Silencer” makes „quiet in the chamber": the unwanted vibrations are almost completely absorbed fort the first time ever, due to an elastic vibration damper. Just insert it into the tube, and then plug the compatible silencer base with fitting slide insert in the opening of the damper. This way a non-detachable connection between the damper and the silencer is being created. The unheard-off effect: nothing is bucking, hobbling or squeaking.
In case of abrasion or change of flooring, the slide inserts can be exchanged in a little while: just click out the old insert, click the new one in – ready!
This world novelty, for the first time presented at the interzum, has been awarded with the “iF product design award”, the “Focus Silver Baden-Württemberg International Design Award” and is nominated for the “Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany”, the country’s highest distinction in the field of design.
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