Rainforests are not being renewed and usually, the land is being given over to other uses. Photo, Markku Laukkanen
Rainforests are not being renewed and usually, the land is being given over to other uses. Photo, Markku Laukkanen

28 August 2019


By Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Is an agency of the United Nations, is hoping for facts and realism in the climate debate – excessive measures may play into the hands of the populists. Secretary-General Petteri Taalas considers the climate debate in Finland to be unique in the world: “We mainly talk about forests and increasing their sinks, whilst the core of the problem of climate change is the use of fossil fuels. The problem can only be resolved by giving up fossil fuels, not by boosting carbon sinks,” says Taalas. According to Taalas, a picture is now being created according to which reducing the felling of forests will bring climate change under control, even though this sweeps the main problem – the use of fossil fuels – under the carpet. “In Finland, there seems to be so much passion about forests that the climate issue has particularly spawned parties emphasizing forest biodiversity.” Climate change can also be prevented by afforestation, but this alone cannot compensate for fossil fuel emissions,” says Petteri Taalas. If Finland reduces felling and forestry production, the purchase and use of wood may just be transferred to other countries where forestry is probably not as environmentally sustainable as it is in Finland. According to Taalas, it is better to keep forestry in Finland than to let it flow to countries where people do not care about forest sustainability and environmental factors to a similar extent. “By international comparison, Finnish forestry is sustainable by many criteria. This is because the forests have great financial value for Finland and they are managed sustainably.” Forest.fi online magazine publishes articles from Finnish forest and forest sector. In our weekly news we tell you about the sustainable use of forests in Finland. Graphs, facts and the Forest Glossary cover forest issues comprehensively. In Forest bio-economy future catalogue you find the new innovations in the forest sector. forest.fi is published by the Finnish Forest Association.
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