16 March 2018


Go My Co., Ltd was established in 2004 at Tan Phuoc, Tan Bình, Di An, Bình Duong Province, Go My was Supplier of North American Hardwoods from Gutchess International Inc., : White Oak, Red Oak, White Hard Maple, Soft Maple, White Ash, Cherry, Walnut, yellow poplar, White Poplar , Basswood, Alder, Sapgum. We supply containers directly from US (CFR HCM price ) or bundles volume in domestic.

Natural Veneer Wood: The wood is sliced (from centrifugal) from natural wood into slices from 0.3mm to 0.6mm, width depending on the average wood about 180mm, length of 240mm, exposed and dried. dry. A natural wood if thinned is a lot of wood veneer, depending on the type of loss.
How to make wood veneer - After being sliced, veneer wood is glued to various types of industrial wood such as MDF, Plywood, Finger, Particleboard, to make furniture.
- Use a 3mm laminate board, plywood, or okal, coated on the substrate.
- Attach each sheet of veneer back to specifications (1200 x 2400mm standard) with glue, glue the veneer onto the laminated base (MDF, Plywood).
- Press the plate again (cold or hot pressed) until it is sticky and flat.
- Use a sanding machine to make the surface smooth veneer Advantages:
- Easy to construct
- Low cost compared to natural wood. Can create curves according to the manufacturer's intent.
Due to the wood is wood industry, wood veneer is not water resistant, easy to cut, if moving much when finished product is damaged or cracked, so wood veneer is many people. However, it must be in places where there is no water in, and less moving.
Here are some types of Veneer:
Raw veneer: no wood, can paste both sides. Paper-backed veneer: with the bottom of the paper used to cover the surface of a small area or curves.
Phenolic-backed: Artificial veneers are now commonly used to help protect natural resources.
When selecting the kitchen cabinet made of wood Veneer people note the plywood core, because the plywood when the water will not be "expanded" as much as the MDF or Okal.
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