Photo Datalignum.
Photo Datalignum.

12 January 2018


Since late eighties, Good Wood Company is seeking hardly to satisfy its customers by improving its products quality to reach Global level with the appropriate price and now we became the most famous company in producing late block boards in Egypt, as total factories area reached more than 70700 square meters, the number of managing and technical crew reached more than 580 person, Our products characteristics with its high quality and multiplicity that guarantee meeting most of the Egyptian market needs, after that Our company started to invade the external markets by exporting and opening external branches.

Lebanon branch was opened in 1998 in Tripoli, and General Wood ( Morocco branch ) was opened in 2006 in Casablanca, we are welling to establish more branches in Arab and foreign countries, in addition to exporting to various countries like Libya, Sudan, Jordan, South Africa and other.
That our products satisfies its users and gain their trust. Good Wood has obtained many quality certificates. In 2005, we obtained the ISO 9001, In 2009 we obtained the OHSAS 18001 certificate, our products have obtained a lot of conformity certificates from (EOS) and National Research Center and In 2016, Good Wood successfully Obtained the Seal of Quality - proudly made in Egypt - Still the march continues hoping from Allah accommodation for more success and progress. Today our world lives in a state of rapid and successive changes which make it difficult to plan long-term strategies. However , the same rapid movements have contributed to make Good Wood Company more flexible in satisfying it's clients and keep up with the pulse of the market , our strategy depends on developing our products , ensuring it's high quality , continuous improvement of our work systems and increasing the efficiency of our employees. Having a firm belief that god will not ever waste a hard work reward.

For more information contact Mr Mohamed Abdel Ghalfar, Chairman:
EG-34713 NEW DAMIETTA / Egypt
Ph. +20 0572 429290