Production line for chipboard equipped with Imal System, Italy.
Production line for chipboard equipped with Imal System, Italy.

20 November 2017

Cherepovets Russia, Panel & Furniture Industry

The Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Mill (CFMK), JSC is one of the largest wood manufacturing companies in Russia and is a leading supplier of ordinary and laminated chipboards. A rich history and extensive manufacturing expertise enabled the company to establish itself as a reliable partner and supplier of competitive wood products around the world.

Founded in 1958, various divisions of the company now employees 2,000 people. For the seventh consecutive year the company is named— Best Russian Exporter. CFMK produces several types of high-quality wood products comprising of birch plywood, chipboard, laminated chipboard, sawn timber and furniture components. By 2016 annual production of plywood is expected to reach 150,000 m3.
Production of chipboard is expected to reach 275,000 m3 of which around 150,000 m3 will be laminated chipboard. CFMK is constantly improving existing production facilities. Special attention is paid to harvesting and reforestation. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and have obtained chain of custody certification meeting all relevant environment and quality requirements such as FSC, CARB, CE and others.

For more information contact Mrs Anna Borisova, Head of Export Sales:
4 Proezjaya Str.
RU-162604 Cherepovets / Vologda Region / Russia
Ph. +7 (8202) 291153