MŐHRING GROUP, covering the world with hardwood products

13 October 2017

MŐHRING GROUP, covering the world with hardwood products

K. H. Möhring rarely missed an opportunity to expand and improve his company. With one eye on the present and one eye on the future he capitalized on growing markets, new technologies, and the hardwood resources available around the world.

Karl Heinz Möhring expanded his international holdings and established a group of companies that would later become the Möhring Group. He was successful not just because of his keen business skills but because he valued his customers, his employees and the wood in which he saw so much beauty.
K. H. Möhring permanently carved his name in the forest products industry and left a great legacy for future generations. The Möhring Group is doing more than changing the face of the hardwood industry. We’re raising the bar on customer service to heights we believe will set a new industry standard.
After viewing our site, we hope you’ll call us for your next hardwood product order and experience our legendary customer service. When you place an order with AV Plywood you get more than just a great hardwood plywood product. You get fast accurate quotes and order turnarounds, flexibility on order changes, excellent logistics and transportation services, and quick resolutions to problems. In fact, our can-do customer service and high quality hardwood plywood products are setting a new industry standard for customer satisfaction. Nomatterwhat you need there’s virtually no hardwood plywood product that AV Plywood can’t manufacture or supply. Whether it’s a small order of sequenced and numbered panels, counter fronts or a large shipment of veneer core panels, AV Plywood is your one-stop hardwood plywood resource.
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