NORRA SWEDEN: A sustainable material for the future

08 June 2017

NORRA SWEDEN: A sustainable material for the future

With a growing market presence, tailored customer communications, customized solutions and high-quality products, our aim is to help you the customer achieve good results.

In the menu to the left you can read Norra Timber News, our own customer newspaper – a newspaper we publish regularly. As a customer you will automatically receive both a newsletter and Norra Timber News in digital form delivered direct to your e-mail address. If you would prefer to receive the paper edition, just let us know and we will make sure it arrives in your letterbox. Norra Timber supplies timber products of the highest quality, primarily for construction and joinery work. Our main markets are Sweden, North Africa, UK and Norway. There are also extensive sales to the rest of Europe and Asia. Our emphasis on service ensures that you the customer receive a complete range of high quality products with a high level of reliability of supply and short lead times, custom made logistics and modern IT solutions. The whole of Norra Timber’s range of wood products comes from timber that is forestry and environmentally certified according to the PEFC. Furthermore we can provide the market with FSC Controlled Wood.
Opportunities with FSC Controlled Wood. Through Norra Timber we can provide the market with FSC Controlled Wood. All customers with a chain of custody certification allowing mixed input have the opportunity to include our raw materials in to the production of FSC products. All raw materials will, of course, come from our sawmills and our quality timber from the northern Swedish forests. Our hope is that the Norra Timber will open new opportunities for us and for you as an FSC certified customer. Our supply of FSC Controlled Wood facilitates production and storage and provides administrative benefits since there is no need to carry out any controlled wood risk assessments – the timber is FSC controlled wood already.
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