Maichew Particleboard Manufacturing PLC, Ethiopia.

12 May 2016

Maichew Particleboard Manufacturing PLC, Ethiopia.

The company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality raw boards, sanded boards and laminated boards in Ethiopia. The factory has been inaugurated in 2007 and is one of the synergic companies of EFFORT that has been established under a national development with the prime objective of poverty reduction strategy of Ethiopia through agro-industry processes.

The factory is located in Northern Ethiopia, Tigray regional state; Southern zone of Maichew town lies over a total land of 80,000 square meter. It produces various marketable product thicknesses ranging from 8 mm up to 40 mm in accordance to the international German DIN standard with board size cm, 122x244. The company utilizes better quality of eucalyptus resources as major raw materials which is competitively advantageous over other competitors. It is broadly creating forward market integrations with multitude number of furniture and construction industries in the country. The factory manufactures and distributes high quality raw boards and laminated boards in order to meet maximum customer satisfaction. By doing so, development activities initiated and put into effect are all targeted, not only to ensure the realization of the objectives of the factory, but also contribute to the socio-economic development of the Region. Maichew Particleboard Manufacturing P.L.C is also one of the domestically reliable manufacturers of various laminated boards by using multiplex color preferences of pure melamine papers in the country and is the closest collaborator of furniture and construction industries which currently supplies high quality of boards to the local and export markets.
• Three layer particleboard • Production Capacity: 40,00m3 per year • Product Thickness:8mm up to 40mm • Standard board size, cm: 122x244 •
Marketable Products: Raw boards and Laminated boards For more information:

Maichew Particleboard Manufacturing PLC
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Addis Abeba / Ethiopia
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