American Black Walnut from Columbia Forest Products.

29 June 2015

American Black Walnut from Columbia Forest Products.

The price of American Black Walnut is and remains high due to good demand in all world markets. The 4/4'' thickness FAS1Face KD steamed cost about Euro 2,000 per m3, and this highest grade is not perfectly clear as the grade allows for 83% / 66 % yield on face and back.
There are a better economical solution, which surely will not work for everyone, but could be used with considerable savings in cost.
Columbia Forest Products, USA, is the largest producer of rotary cut veneer and decorative hardwood plywood in US hardwoods.
In their Wisconsin plant in Mellen CFP can peel Walnut logs for you. The sap content is limited as the trees do grow very slowly in the cold climate there:
- thicknesses from 0,6 mm to 1,65 mm (your choice, also in between).
- length 100 % 2515 mm.
- widths: whole piece sheets 1250 mm wide but also clippings of 5'' to 48'' allowed (13 cm to 122 cm). - quality: Log run, all what will be produced form the log, excluding waste during the production.
The white/cream sheets are the sap portion, used to show the colour contrast.
For the final utilization, we can imagine you to need:
- to clip the sheets to your final width desired (you can aim for a very high percentage of very wide widths which are very difficult to obtain from solid lumber). Also you can splice the 13 cm to 122 cm to make whole sheets, before clipping.
- face glue 3 sheets making 5 mm or 4 mm Walnut flooring (3x1,65 = 4,95 mm; or 3 x 1,5 = 4,5 mm) using the best grade as face veneer. And the lower grades in the middle and bottom.
A 20 foot container loads about 10 m3. A 40 container 25 m3.
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