Huseyin Yildiz, Managing Director of Starwood.
Huseyin Yildiz, Managing Director of Starwood.

27 October 2014

STARWOOD one the largest industrial company in Turkey.

Starwood, which is one of the companies of the Yıldız family and has been engaged in activities in the forest products sector for 4 generations, has for many years taken its place among Turkey’s largest 150 industrial firms with its production capacity which is increasing every year and its new investments.
The company which produces the greatest volume of chipboard under a single roof, in particular has become specialized in producing thin MDF from 1,5 mm to 8 mm, while carrying out production of 3.300 cubic meters (m3) of chipboard daily, the thickness of which is from 6 mm to 38 mm, width 122 cm to 244 cm, length 200 cm to 420 cm, and also 750 cubic meters (m3) MDF production daily in 4 chipboard production lines.
Starwood which carries out production in a total area of 220.000 square meters (m2) of which 180.000 square meters (m2) is a closed area, has a production capacity of 25.000 sheets daily which are 183 and 210 cm in width with its 6 melamined board plating presses and a melamine press which is in its plant in Georgia.
The company which both supports its own production with 5 impregnated systems and custom manufacturing also produces the resin which is used in the production of chipboard, MDF and paper impregnation.
Also, it has a 150.000 square meters/daily capacity with its high technological press-painting production line which can do production at a speed of 60-80 m/mins. This was put into service at the beginning of the year 2009. On this line which has a sheet painting feature from 1.5 mm to 22 mm, almost 25 colour paints can be done for the standard size sheets between 210 and 420 cm and 170-220 cm width. Additionally, upon request, taking into consideration the economics of it, painting and printing can be done for all kinds of colours. While the production is being carried out with water-based paints which do not cause harm to the environment and human health, the top surface resistance can be provided by UV top surface layers. Painted rear casing went into production on the line which paints the MDF plain or patterned, and this is a new product of Starwood’s which was launched on the market in 2009.
The company which plays a major role as a furniture supplier generally in Turkey and also in the countries located in the East, South East/North East regions of the world strives to reach new customers and different countries with each passing day.
Starwood, which has press gas suction systems in all its production lines and electrostatic filter/dust separators for chipboard plants uses a pneumatic separator system in the ultra thin MDF production process against the background of its nature friendly structure and awareness of clean air quality. All the Starwood products which are E1 quality and contain un-carcinogenic substances have certificates related to national and international quality standards.
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