European panel federation announces the data of 2013. Optimism for 2014.

17 December 2013

European panel federation announces the data of 2013. Optimism for 2014.

At the recent quarterly meeting in Brussels of the European panel federation on the performance of the industry, the Economic Working Group, chaired by Paolo Fantoni, president of Assopannelli analyzed the results of the European production of the first nine months of 2013 from the three main classes of product: Chipboard -3 %, Mdf (Medium density fibreboard), -2 % Osb (Oriented strand board) -1 %.
These results highlight a continental scenario characterized by fluctuating positive performance in Northern Europe, where there are indicators with the “plus” sign, and a substantially negative trend in all Mediterranean countries though, it was revealed on the occasion of the EPF board, there has been a positive evolution "sentiment" of consumers and producers that leaves hope for a better performance of the market in 2014.
Another aspect that emerged in Brussels regards the European production capacity that has recently seen a reduction of about one million cubic meters in the field of particle board, closures of major plants in France and Germany as well as a significant offer decrease in Italy.
This situation, combined with the continued growth in the consumption of wood raw material in the combustion, is generating expectations of price growth especially for particleboard and Osb where − despite the presence of a static building trend − we are seeing a conversion to the use of this innovative panel. Worth noting that a few months ago, also Italy has its first plant in Osb made by the Group Bonzano. The plant (with a production capacity of 160 thousand cubic meters) has the peculiarity to provide a panel entirely poplar qualified by the use of the trade mark "100 per 100 Italian Poplar".
"The situation of shortage of raw material for the production of panels taking place in our country is also showing up on selling prices, changes that would help our companies to cover increases in costs of production," says Paolo Fantoni.
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