07 September 2022


Heesemann is exhibiting three machines at the HolzHandwerk 2022 and presents the DB-S unit to the trade public in Nuremberg for the first time All good things come in threes. No less than three Heesemann machines will be on display at HolzHandwerk from 12-15 July, when the international trade public meets live once again after a long absence from the fair.
The compact HSM .3 New Edition is a particularly interesting option for carpenters and craftsmen as is the all-round talent MFA Impression. Both machines will be presented at the Heesemann booth in Hall 9, No.122.
The HSM .2 New Edition sanding machine will also be on display at the HOMAG booth in Hall 10 . A logical step in the light of the recently announced technology partnership between the two companies. Customer requirements vary widely from craftsman to craftsman and, ideally, they all need a machine that is both flexible and versatile.

The MFA Impression is the all-rounder for high-end tradesmen. Equipped with a calibrating roller, a longitudinal and cross unit along with the DB-S disc brush unit, it provides the solution for every imaginable sanding job, whether solid wood, veneer, lacquer or 3D surfaces. The revised HSM .3 New Edition is a compact all-round machine for tradesmen with demanding standards and little space. Equipped with a calibration roller, a longitudinal unit together with the DB-S, it is the ideal solution for working with solid wood and coated surfaces.as well as three-dimensional surfaces.
The popular HSM series is now also available with 4 units. The display has been integrated into the front of the machine to save space. In addition, the brush element has been optimised and the design revised. The HSM .2 New Edition can be seen at HOMAG's neighbouring booth in Hall 10: It replaces the SWT 200 series from HOMAG and impresses with its compact design. It is the ideal machine for veneer and lacquer sanding as well as light calibration work. The table extension ensures even more comfortable operation. Service is another focal area. With an expanded service network together with innovative remote options, Heesemann ensures fast support - on site worldwide. The service experts are there to advise interested customers at Heesemann’s booth in Hall 9. The DB-S disc brush unit delivers perfect sanding without oscillation marks:
The DB-S from Heesemann is especially popular among tradesmen because of its flexibility and versatility: the unit can effortlessly process three-dimensional surfaces, such as kitchen fronts with fillings or workpieces with curved edges (such as doors, windows, and tabletops) and also create structuring. Another benefit which saves both time and money: sharp workpiece edges are broken during the same pass, eliminating the need for additional manual. So it is no surprise that 9 out of 10 sanding machines delivered are equipped with the DB-S unit. During live demonstrations at the Heesemann & HOMAG booths in Halls 9 and 10, customers can experience the results for themselves . Technology partnership between Heesemann and HOMAG intensifies HOMAG withdrew from the development and manufacture of sanding machines in March and has since relied on Heesemann's expertise in the field of sanding. Consequently, a Heesemann machine will also be on show at the HOMAG booth. "Our focus is on covering the entire process chain and the satisfaction of our customers. We have found the ideal partner in Heesemann to continue providing our customers with integrated solutions for sanding while also covering the entire process chain.
Therefore we will also exhibit a sanding machine from Heesemann at the HOMAG booth." Frederik Meyer, Executive Vice President, CNC Processing Business Unit.
The Managing Director Christoph Giese is very confident given the additional momentum at Heesemann. "Only a few weeks have passed since the partnership was announced and we are already in a position to supply the HOMAG sales organization with both the existing SWT-100 machines and the enhanced HSM New Edition.
The development of a new Heesemann entry-level machine is also progressing well and we will be presenting this to both our own customers and HOMAG customers early next year." Christoph Giese, Managing Director Heesemann

Company profile: Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1933 by the passionate engineer Karl Heesemann.
Heesemann has been producing sanding machines for industry and trades for over 80 years. Over the course of time, the Heesemann has consistently provided new impulses for sanding technology and advanced it. Today, Heesemann has approximately 150 employees at its headquarters in Bad Oeynhausen and is the world market leader in the field of wood sanding machines.
The product range includes machines for demanding trades as well as large industrial machines. In addition to the wood sector, Heesemann is also expanding its market share in the metal sector. The export quota amounts to roughly 80% and the main sales markets in addition to Europe are the USA and Asia.
For more information contact Mr. Christoph Giese, Managing Director:

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