Photo Datalignum
Photo Datalignum

24 October 2022


In February 1988 in Pramaggiore/Venice province, started the Verniciatura San Marco , a family concern specialized in wood and non wood painting for account of a third party, whose main aim was the respect of its customers' specifications thanks also to its completely personalized working cycles.
At the beginning of 1992, together with the birth in Pravisdomini of Friulver snc (specialized in industrial painting), the firm was converted into Levigatura San Marco.

The strategic agreement between the two companies has the definite aim to create a profitable synergy in the field of the working of small doors- especially for kitchens and bathrooms - and of panels M.D.F. (Medium Density Fiberboard) for which the two companies grant the supervision of the working process of polyester, smoothing and finishing.
Its end is as well to consolidate and increase their working competence in order to satisfy the very different needs of their costumers. We went to the San Marco Levigatura of Pramaggiore/Venice, to photograph a revolutionary Quickwood machine model, which allows the continuous cycle sanding and sand down of the lowered part of furniture doors and ashlar doors in a square or priest's hat.
Below, we give a brief description of the machine:
The CNSV/1300 machine already produced in two specimens where the central panels of kitchen doors are automatically sanded by vibrating pads.
The machine is composed by three sections:
-The first one with two rows of 4 vibrating pads on each side (8 total)
-Then the two rows of cup heads moved by the QRC unit.
-End two counter rotating horizontal brushes.
At the inlet of the machine there’s a scan bar to detect the frame’s and panel’s sizes so to give the correct input to the sanding pads to work in the right spaces. Following step is being made by the QRC head to round the edges and at the end there’s the CD module to smooth the surface.
The final sanding cycle is completed by the intervention of the QRC module for a super smoothing on the whole kitchen-door and by the QD + QN module with double brush counter-rotating and oscillating, for an intervention in sub-boards and in the less accessible corners.

For more information contact the Engineer Francesco Cepile:
Via della Tecnologia 6
I-33050 PAVIA di UDINE / Italy
Tel +39 0432 655285
Fax +39 0432 655284