20 November 2020


Dalso was founded, grew, and continues to develop in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, in the heart of one of the most important industrial districts in Veneto. An area that has been able to renew itself and find new opportunities in an increasingly challenging and competitive market, an area where Dalso is dedicated every day to the development of its resources and where it provides technological and technical solutions to its customers. A team of experts who have been working in the sector for more than thirty years and an excellent product quality, compliant with ISO 9001 standards.

Dalso’s activity does not only include the consolidated range of manipulators, inserters, horizontal handlers, and robots, but focuses on finding the solution tailored to the customer, paying attention to the site where it will be located and developing projects that maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire system. In this context of continuous growth, you can find the recent innovative solutions that Dalso has developed in the field of solid wood processing: a line for the manufacturing of multilayer wood for wood flooring, and a special, very high-productivity multi-blade mitre saw, complete with relative automation. In particular, a new automation system has recently installed for the manufacturing of wood flooring and in particular of the mid-layer, the wooden slats. The new automation makes it possible to have a continuous cycle of work, minimizing manpower and allowing the worker to supervise the line on two control panels, one for the loading part and one for the unloading, in which the performance of the installed automation can be modified at any time. In the loading phase, the raw pieces, once loaded by the manipulator, are scanned and selected by humidity and advanced to the first cutting phase. Here motorized pushers block the single raw piece for a precise and constant cut and, subsequently, the pieces themselves are advanced to be transformed into individual strips. The strips then come out directly from the machine that cut them to reach a special brushing machine that distributes them on the belts, first separating them from each other and then joining them in blocks for the temporary creation of the slat.
Once additional pieces are added, the slat gets bound permanently: the strips are first gathered together, then evenly spaced apart, and finally joined by an iron filament. The second recent innovation is centered on a special line with a multi-blade mitre saw that makes a precise and regular crosscut in order to obtain multiple pieces at the same time in a single action. The heads of the mitre saw initially move horizontally according to the measurements indicated on the numerical control and, subsequently, once positioned, the multiple cut is carried out on each wooden board loaded continuously and constantly.
The speed, the fact that everything is done at the same time, but above all the very high precision of the cut allow to significantly increase the production capacity, increasing even the quality of the result. Thanks to the high mechanical solutions, the solidity of the movement mechanisms integrated with a high electronic level and with a continuous loading system that includes an effective system for separating the pieces, the entire cutting line fits fully into an industry 4.0 context, reducing the operator’s work only to a supervision phase that can be performed even remotely.

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