08 October 2020


WTT is currently introducing a second generation heat treatment solution, which brings treatment cost down to levels comparable with traditional biocide impregnation.WTT developed and supplied its first thermo-treatment (TMT) plant in 2005.

Two broad technologies for TMT exist, the so called open and closed system approaches. Open systems are essentially advanced traditional drying kilns which are simple and easy to manufacture. Therefore there are numerous suppliers of these types of kilns and increasing price competition between suppliers. The system modifies the timber by a pyrolysis process at high temperatures and normal atmospheric pressure.
WTT’s technology is based on the closed system approach. This system modifies timber by a hydrolysis process at high pressures but lower temperatures, so that pressure acts as a substitute for temperature. It requires advanced design and manufacturing capabilities. WTT is the only company which has successfully marketed the system on a commercial scale and so this technology faces very little competition. WTT very recently developed a new generation of TMT which has improved its competitiveness significantly. ThermoTreat 2.0 – the most competitive solution on the market This unique thermo treatment plant is designed for heat treatment of 2 to 3 batches per day, depending on thickness and wood species. The plant is therefore equipped with a high performance energy and heat transfer system. The heat is produced by a gas- or oil-fired boiler that heats thermal oil. The oil is used as heat transfer media in both the heating and cooling phase. In the cooling phase the heat is ejected in a dry cooler. The product is pressurized in a controlled, oxygen free atmosphere during the heating and cooling phases, and with only a small amount of water steam. The plant is controlled by the unique WTT ExoT control system which enables an unchallenged degree of control of the modification process.
The plant is the most advanced and most competitive solution on the market today. Advantages:
• Built on 15+ years of experience with our well proven 1.0 technology
• Only system which can also treat difficult hardwoods • Very competitive production costs pr. m3.
• Very high product quality
• Plug- and play: few days installation time, easy to move production asset.
EN/AWPA/NTR/BS certified recipes for specific species can be provided
• Specially developed air circulation fan solution – guaranteed 200 charges service intervals
 • Prepared for indoor and outdoor installation; No need for large buildings, minimal foundation requirements
 We provide know-how, training and support on site and on line
• Sustainability – very low energy consumption, very competitive life cycle costs for end product.

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