José Luis Giménez, Vice President of Barberán
José Luis Giménez, Vice President of Barberán

01 June 2020


<< Pvac flat lamination still alive and kicking, as said in the 1985 song from simple minds group. That it is exactly what it came to my mind when i was requested the other day from my marketing department (Barberan s.a.) to write down an article about Pvac flat lamination. and immediately came to my mind, as on the lyrics of this song “what's it gonna take to make a dream survive?”. That is exactly the question, what have made this technology still alive and kicking. >>

And machines? <<Well, thinking that a flat lamination machine 20-30 years old and an actual one is more or less the same, is as thinking that a car of 1990 is the same as today, a 4 wheels, 4 or 5 seats and a steering wheel. But better don't think about performance, speed and efficiency. During this year machines for PVAc flat lamination has become more sophisticated, like most of us. With the years you get experienced and you expect more from a relation or from your partner, in the personal and as well in the business side. The PVAc flat lamination started on a simple glue spreader, applying the glue to the panel, and it have evolved in an almost philosophical discussion of the benefits of applying the glue to the foil and even dual application foil and panel to speed up lines. The temperature – humidity factor (Mollier diagram) has become a usual discussion point where it was not. The mechanic side, like on the cars, are the less obvious improve and mainly because the electronics and sensing has taken the lead. Electronic and sensing, like in a car that now a days will you not buy a car without ABS or manual windows, because now a days are the standard. In the PVAc flat lamination machinery now a days the standard includes things as the tension control, centering systems for the foil, diameter measurement system for the foil roll, grammage control, automatic splicing, infeed panel temperature measurement sensor with close loop control of the heating elements, motor torque control on the fly, machine self-reporting, connectivity thought ethernet, profinet, profibus, or recipes for the different panels to manufacture etc. As standard are the optional like external sensors for grammage control, pressure sensors for the calander, accumulator for splicing at full speed, etc. At Barberan we are at the front line of the lamination machinery always looking for new challenges, always looking to add the latest technology to your new machine. >>

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