28 February 2020


Barberan will have on display and demonstrate in Valencia (Spain) the latest developments in high gloss foil lamination, automatic profile wrapping and single-pass digital printing of foils with built-in UV top coating and curing system. The laminating line that will be demonstrated in Valencia offers full flexibility being able to overlay boards with any type of foil or laminate sheet. This line integrates a Compact Line HG laminator, the most versatile and compact laminating machine designed and manufactured by Barberan, suitable for overlaying high gloss (HG) transparent PET foil achieving superior surface quality.
This machine can overlay any type of high gloss, matte or decorative foils.

Moreover, the line includes also a cutting and trimming system for all 4 sides of the board, so that they can be ready immediately for storing or further processing, an indexing table to drag and position sheets from the rack on the previously glued board surface such as ABS or HPL which are forwarded finally to the pressing calender placed at the outfeed. In terms of profile wrapping, the visitors will have also the possibility to see an automatic profile wrapping line equipped with the latest technological innovations to speed up production. The model PUR 33-L automatic profile wrapping line presented by Barberan is set up using production recipes that manage the motorized regulation of the slot nozzle width, the automatic foil centering as well as the changing of toolbars (revolver) according to each profile shape and dimensions. In order to check if the toolbar is assembled in the correct position, the machine is equipped with a radio frequency identification system (RFID) based on recipe’s parameters. The control desk of this line includes PC, monitor, internet connection, interconnection of databases, iPad for remote online setup, etc. Profile feeding, opening of conveyor wheels, molding roller height and separation cut are adjusted automatically according to each recipe. The unwinder and the applicator head assemblies are specifically designed for the application of high gloss foil. The new type of slot nozzle glue applicator head permits the application of very low grams and is therefore ideal for this type of foils, avoiding orange peel effect. Automatic and constant adjustment of the head.
Finally, Barberan will present the Jetmaster 420 FC single pass digital printer for a maximum foil width of 420mm, suitable for any type of foil and gramage. The Jetmaster 420 FC printer uses quick-curable UV inks that achieve high quality prints on any kind of paper, even of low quality or low weight. High resolution prints and UV finish with 4 colors: CMYK. Gloss or matte finishes with optional built-in foil lacquering and curing module.

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