26 February 2020


With the aim of introducing a completely new product to the market for the kitchen and furniture industry, Egger was planning to commission a completely new line at their location in Brilon/Germany. In the process, the goal was not just to make sure that the finishing of full-format MDF boards met the cost requirements of industrial production. At the same time, the aim was also for the lacquer finishes to meet the market's highest quality requirements.

Egger found the ideal technology partner for this proposal in machine and plant manufacturer Hymmen: the Calander Coating Inert (CCI) process used by Hymmen in Brilon is curing the surface of the wooden material in a calender with UV light through a film, after the application of lacquer.
The line has now been in operation successfully for 4 years and at Egger they are happy to share their experiences with the CCI technology. Hymmen's CCI technology has a number of benefits: It is suitable for use for boards or sheet material – in particular for laminate with lacquer coating.
This is currently unique across the globe. The finished looks reach from high-gloss mirror finish to ultra-matt. The CCI line can be integrated into the continual process without intermediate dwell time. Due to the curing under inert conditions there is no risk of finish contamination from dust. You have cost savings as no nitrogen is required. At the same it is an extremely reliable process without flash-off time. The surfaces are highly scratch-resistant and have a high resistance to chemicals. A constantly high quality can be ensured thanks to the use of fresh films. Low film thickness saves costs and the direct further processing of materials without post-curing or dwell times saves production time. All these benefits are ensured at industrial capacities. With the production of lacquer finishes with inert films Egger has been able to achieve the expected cost savings while reliably achieving high quality at the same time.  The manufacturer of wood-based products is so happy with the line that line upgrades are currently being discussed. "We very much value our successful partnership with long-term technology partner Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau. We were once again able to create a line which allows us to satisfy the high quality-requirements of the market", Hannes Mitterweissacher, Division Manager for Technology/Production, EDP Mitte, emphasizes.

For further informations contact Dr. Anke Pankoke, Head of Marketing /PR:
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