The Spraytech S-100
The Spraytech S-100

19 February 2020


Solutions for automated spray painting in woodworking shops The SPRAYTEQ S-100, which was designed for small and medium-sized businesses, is on show at Nuremberg. The automatic spray painting machine, which transports the workpieces to be painted using a vacuum transport belt with a paper support, is being presented with its extensive equipment for woodworking shops.
The four spray guns are mounted on a carrier plate and can thus be changed quickly and flexibly depending on the use required. The precision part detection allows the spray guns to be controlled exactly. Regardless of whether furniture parts, stairs, windows or interior fitting elements are being produced — the contours are captured precisely. In addition to high-quality painting, this also guarantees a low overspray, which reduces the manufacturing costs and the cleaning effort sustainably.

Furniture is often designed in combination with glass. Glass can be functional, such as in a door, or can simply be a design element. To allow flexibility in the application and to meet all customer requests, HOMAG is now offering a "glass option." Before it is painted, glass is generally transparent, which requires an adapted part detection in the infeed. The light barrier, which has been aligned for this purpose, captures the contours without any problem to avoid any unnecessary loss of paint here. An adapted carrier plate aligned to the thin glass and with four paint guns can easily be fitted interchangeably on the slide runner. This increases the usage options of the SPRAYTEQ S-100 significantly and allows for even more customization.
In partnership with the painting system specialist, Makor, in Nuremberg HOMAG presenting two solutions for woodworking shops.
The first solution is an automatic spray robot in combination with an innovative solution for feeding and unloading the machine — precisely aligned to the needs of woodworking shops, which often produce small or medium-sized series.
The second solution is an automatic spray machine for painting strand-shaped components, such as window scantlings. The parts, with a width of up to 400 mm, are painted automatically in the through-feed. There is a particular focus on top edges of frames or windows here.

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