11 February 2020


Pinomatic Oy has now been in business for over 30 years as a mechanization supplier for the wood processing industry. The company was established in 1988. During that time, we have acquired a significant role as a supplier of mechanics and automation for further processing of sawmill industries. We are significant supplier in Europe, the share of exports is over third and will grow in the future. We design, manufacture and market the production lines and equipment, and i.a. for glulam- and CLT production and LVL- and plywood industry. Close co-operation with the customer from designing to start-up ensures the best possible result to all our customers!

The new production line produces the non-settling SmartLog of Kontiotuote. According to Kontiotuote, in addition to the domestic market, there is a high demand for logs worldwide. Currently, Kontiotuote supplies buildings, in addition to Finland, to approximately thirty countries each year, France, Russia, Japan, and Sweden being the largest export countries. The investment almost doubles the capacity of log production capacity of Kontiotuote. As the only log house manufacturer in the world, Kontiotuote processes and produces wood products itself from logs all the way to finished products. The production line of Smart Log is the first of its kind in the world, and this fact placed special demands on procurement. There were looking for the best experts and equipment suppliers in the industry around the world, but finally were found the necessary know-how from Finland. With the exception of the planer shipped from Slovenia, all equipment has been designed and delivered by Pinomatic Oy from Kauhajoki. The delivery of Pinomatic Oy included the complete manufacturing line of non-settling logs. The technology used is mainly based on Finnish know-how and has employed Finnish people, The project, which is challenging in terms of the schedule and technology, has been a great success in cooperation with Pinomatic Oy. On the basis of the long and strong expertise of Kontiotuote, high demands were placed on the new production line, to which Pinomatic responded with innovative and customer-specific solutions and a high level of automation. Pinomatic Oy delivered a new combiline to SWM-Wood in March 2019. With the investment, SWM-Wood accelerated the lathing and packing.
The new and efficient solutions on the line are especially gentle to handle wide pieces of sawn timber. The Combiline is Pinomatic’s first delivery to SWM-Wood. From the outset, the line was individually designed to meet the needs of the customer. The ideas for the line were pondered long with the customer, and finally, the right solutions were found. According to Pinomatic’s Sales Manager Sami Malinen, long-term planning was based on ease of use of the line and the importance of gentle treatment of heat-treated wood, without compromising the quality raw material at any time. Although the existing hall had its own challenges to design, the space could accommodate all the functions required by the line. Before the delivery the SWM-Wood staff arrived at Pinomatic and trained the personnel for the introduction of the new line.

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