21 December 2019


The ICAVI – Indústria de Caldeiras Vale do Itajaí S/A, is located in the municipality of Pouso Redondo, in the state of Santa Catarina.
With approximately 250 employees, the company has a factory park with a total area of 101,302.55 m², of which 16,120.75 m² of constructed area and 1,000.00 m² of construction area and 6,259.25 of area for future expansion. It counts on a qualified team for the development of solutions in generation of energy, thermal oil and steam.

We produce equipment from small to large, in the boiler sector and also, accessories, peripherals and systems of handling and storage of various fuels used in the burning, all with ICAVI quality. There are already over 150 (one hundred and fifty) projects sold, of which 7 (seven) are boilers for thermoelectric power plants. Firetube Boilers has ranging from 1 to 50 t/h capacity at pressure until 30 bar, for saturated or superheated steam generation.
• For generation from 1 to 50 t/h with pressure up to 30 bar (g);
Power plants of up to 5 MW;
• Cogeneration plants;
• Generation of saturated steam for use in industrial processes.
• Rapid responses to variations in steam demand;
• Installation at floor level avoiding costly civil works, facilitating maintenance and operation;
• High thermal efficiency and low emissions, guaranteeing combustion stability;
• Acceptance of fuels with high humidity and granulometry variations;
• Automatic soot blower: it makes the total cleaning of the flame tubes with steam, avoiding any type of stop in the boiler.
For more information:

BR 470, Km 171
Nº 5200 Distrito de Aterrado
BR-89173 000 POUSO REDONDO SC / Brasil
Tel. +55 47 3545-8200
E-mail: comercial@icavi.ind.br