04 March 2022


Akron develops, manufactures and sells products in several different areas. Akron has since 1935 built up an unparalleled knowledge and is a Swedish market leader in terms of quality performance and reliability. In addition to our main brand Akron, we also own the trademarks Nirvana and Svegma. We are the general agent in Sweden for Canadian outdoor silo manufacturer Westeel and are also an authorized reseller of Spanish outdoor silo brand Symaga.
The productions are:

Grain Handling - equipment for grain handling and food preparation: Dryers, heaters, storage, loading / unloading, conveyors, elevators, mills, crushers, mixers etc. Biofuel Handling - equipment for handling wood chips and pellets: Storage bins, wood drying, wood chip boilers, mills, conveyors, etc.
Fans - industrial, drying and cooling processes, agriculture, mining, tunneling, etc. Axial, radial, particle extraction and flue gas fans. Special equipment for mining and tunneling ventilation solutions. Electric motors - three-phase motors for industrial applications, among others. Flexible storage solutions for solid biofuel Akron has extensive experience with storage solutions for solid biofuel, e g wood chips and pellets. The solutions for pellets encompass welded and painted silos delivered ready for use as well as galvanized silos for assembly on site. All silos have 60° outlet hoppers and integrated filling arrangement.
Larger silos are delivered with explosion relief valves as standard. Over the years, literally hundreds of small and medium-sized heating plants have been fitted with Akron silos. The Akron wood chip hopper solution was originally developed for daily fuel storage for our wood chip-fired air heater Bio400, but can of course be used also with other boilers. The hopper is based on Akron's classic Type M storage solution for grain, with painted corner posts and galvanized corrugated wall elements for assembly on site. A flexible module system allows for different heights of the hopper, all with a powerful rotary agitator in the hopper bottom and centre-less feed auger for safe fuel transport. Development in the solid biofuel area is progressing continuously.
Thanks to the wide scope of products in Akron's other business areas, we can deliver highly specialized solutions for specific needs.
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