11 November 2020


Faithful to the long established tradition over the years, the "ZAFFARONI" of Turate (Como - Italy) renews its presence at the international fair Ligna in Hannover presenting innovations in the field of transversal multi-blade cutting.

Object of the latest and unreleased installations made by the machine manufacturer, is the crosswise multi-blade saw with top-spindle "MSR-TR" series. As for the now well-known and successful "MSR" series, the recently-born exploits the presence of a tool holder spindle with capacity up to 1900mm for transversal cutting or parts sawing without any minimum cutting size. The feeding system has been solved with precision toothed belts and pushing dogs that ensure the precise squaring of the elements to be cut. While the loading of the bars is entrusted by a vertical hopper that could be fed manually and automatically both.
On the other hand, the new "MTT" series satisfies the requirements of transversal sawing or cutting-off of industrial volumes of bars already wrapped with decorative films of different materials and geometries. The belt transport system with pushing dogs offers the workpieces to the top-sawing heads that, independently positioned at the programmed quote, cut the bars into elements down to a minimum of 400mm in length. The presence of engraving units always ensures optimal cutting without chipping during the tool exit, especially with geometries and with the most difficult coating materials.
To complete this series of innovations, the company also reports the continuous renewal of the series of "STM" working centers dedicated to the "Folding" technology. On this occasion, the series has been enriched with a “5f2” model drilling unit featuring independent vertical and horizontal spindles to solve drilling requirements, including passing-through holes in the production of hanging furniture and furniture cabinets.

For more information contact Mr Aldo Zaffaroni, CEO:

Via Centro Industriale Europeo 24
I-22078 TURATE / Como / Italy
Tel. +39 02 9688453