Francesco Cepile, CEO Quickwood Italy. Photo Datalignum
Francesco Cepile, CEO Quickwood Italy. Photo Datalignum

11 January 2019


The most powerful combined solution for finishing and sealer sanding.
The slogan: to improve and expand. In recent years, this has been the leitmotif running through Quickwood Esperia Srl, a true pioneer in surface finishing solutions.
The company is now able to present the most important innovations created, designed and manufactured entirely at its facility in Pavia di Udine.

With this in mind, the dual sanding system was launched which unites the RO or PRO rotary system with the QRC orbital device for the combination of the Q-Flex surface sanding brushes with the QN+QD penetrants capable of getting into challenging indentations and grooves.
This system not only ensures proper preparation of the raw material, but also excellent results even before finishing, sanding water-based and solvent-based fillers. In keeping with the theme of innovation, Quickwood has placed an emphasis on developing a series of cost-effective and absolutely effective optionals: hence the various QRC models mentioned above, QTOS with rail-head transversely to carpet, QCS tape holder for brushes working transversely, PA horizontal brush for the finishing, etc.
Sanding wood or metal by hand is now a thing of the past thanks to Quickwood machinery which make it possible to obtain the same quality promptly and effectively. Over the years, the company has invested heavily in the design and manufacture of a range of machines to solve any problem, from shaped to vertical, from manual to axes control: the pride and joy of the Friuli-based company.
Founded in 1989 and decidedly innovative from the get-go, Quickwood has a highly qualified technical and commercial structure. Given the considerable flexibility of the brush sanding system, the systems made at the facility located in Udine are able to meet all the needs of small, medium and large companies engaged in the wood and metal industries in Italy and abroad.
The Quickwood network is present in Italy, but – through its affiliates – also has offices in Denmark (Quickwood APS), Germany (Quickwood Vertrieb), Russia (Quickwood Russia), France (Service Francais), in England (Quickwood UK) and in the United States (Quickwood LLC).
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