The woodworking machinery Biesse, Skipper 100, installed at CabParts.
The woodworking machinery Biesse, Skipper 100, installed at CabParts.

07 September 2018


CabParts began business in the early 1980’s as Bookcliff Manufacturing, Inc., a full service custom cabinet manufacturing business with regional distributors. Bookcliff specialized in high-end European style frameless cabinetry – also known as “full access” cabinetry. The focus was primarily residential but included commercial applications as well. Bookcliff cabinet boxes were recognized on various jobsites as being square, flat and level with flush joints. Other contractors and subs began to ask if Bookcliff would make cabinet boxes for them, and in early 1987, we began to think… “What if”?

The evolution. As a result, in March of 1987, Bookcliff became CabParts, Inc. and we began supplying cabinet boxes and components to customers who appreciated our keen focus on the cabinet and closet needs of the professional cabinet maker, designer, contractor and remodeler. The flexible manufacturing process allows quantities of one to thousands, fully custom or modular, easily-assembled, high-quality, frameless-style “full access” cabinet boxes and closet components. CabParts products are shipped flat-packed and factory direct to customers all across North America and offshore. Cabparts, for the production normally use the European machinery and technologies.
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