The Homag Centateq S-900 window all-rounder.
The Homag Centateq S-900 window all-rounder.

20 July 2018


Premiere: New machine design, the HOMAG Group combined almost all of its existing brands under the single HOMAG name. The primary aim was to make collaboration with customers even more straightforward and efficient. Now HOMAG is taking the next step. This includes the new, modern machine design across all products and new, consistent and coordinated product names. Thus ensuring that HOMAG customers can find what they need quickly and easily.

The successful CENTATEQ S-800/900 (BMB 800/900) model proves itself on the market The "powerProfiler" window machines have been on the market for 10 years. The machine was launched at HOLZ-HANDWERK 2018 — and even then, CNC experts from HOMAG declared the all-rounder to be a machine "fit for the future and flexible for everyday life" with a "firm grip" on window production thanks to its new clamping technology. And this promise to the market has been fulfilled. Today, the new generation of the HOMAG window machines—the CENTATEQ S-800/900 series—is used around the world. Its applications include installations in all expansion stages from 20 to 50 window units per shift—produced either by stand-alone machines or by machines integrated in automated overall concepts. In particular, the flexibility provided by the clamping and handling technology, the additional console table for special elements, and the woodWOP software enable this machine to meet the requirements of window manufacturers. Indeed, CENTATEQ machines cover a wider range of profiles, corner joints, curved parts and other products than any other solution on the market. CENTATEQ: The most powerful single-portal system on the market. The CENTATEQ S-900 has two processing tables and independent units on both portal sides.
The processing tables and units of the CENTATEQ S-800 form the basis, in duplicate: This means that two completely different parts can be processed independently of one another simultaneously. The machine also features double-spindle technology: one profile splitting unit with two trimming spindles that can be adjusted to one another in the Y and Z direction via axes. This means that in a longitudinal trimming process, you can use two profile trimmers on one workpiece simultaneously. The two independent portal sides and the double-spindle technology allow more than 60 units to be produced in one shift when use is optimized. This makes the machine the most powerful single-portal system on the market.
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