The NEWtainer WT 2.0 installed on 2016 in France. Power 5 t/h from 28% to 15%.
The NEWtainer WT 2.0 installed on 2016 in France. Power 5 t/h from 28% to 15%.

02 March 2018


The owner-managed NEW Eco-Tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH is the largest producer of compact belt dryers world-wide. We are your competent partner in the process plant engineering for the energetic and material use of renewable raw materials. Like sand by the sea biomass is there and we make it usable - this is our motivation“. From consulting, planning and assembly to maintenance and service: everything from one source with one contact person. According to our engineering standard we are plan-oriented and goal-oriented. In this way, we can provide our customers with a continuous and transparent order process.

What makes our drying systems so unique? Quite simply: modularization within sea containers. We combine quality with efficiency; experience with competence; all engineered within a commercial sea-container. The result: a compact drying system, integrated in the container which you can place anywhere. You can expand our dryer systems at any time and even stack them on top of each other like building blocks. We at NEW eco-tec are at the forefront of the industry developing state-of-the-art technology and waste heat recovery. Quality made in Germany.
NEWtainer are belt drying systems for drying, etc. of biomass, integrated into a commercially available sea container - weatherproof, movable and can be used immediately without an otherwise complex assembly. A NEWtainer belt dryer dries with its special construction and air flow is highly flexible to dry various products such as pellet production and fuels for biomass heating systems. Belt dryer for drying wood:
NEWtainer of the WTHS series The NEWtainer of the series WT:
- HS with a bandwidth of approx. 2.3 m are suitable for an average power range from 100 kw to approx. 3,000 kW heat absorption and throughput rates of up to 2 t / h. Belt dryer Wood drying: NEWtainer of the QX-HS series For larger volumes in industrial applications the NEWtainer QX.
- HS series are used. These systems with belt widths of approx. 5.4 m and lengths of up to 40 m then dry with a throughput of up to 25 t / h.

For more information contact Mr Hans Xaver Hiermeier, General Sales Manager:

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