MOLTECH HUNGARY, Manufacturing plastic belts

13 December 2017

MOLTECH HUNGARY, Manufacturing plastic belts

Producing and distributing conveyor belts to the field of material hangling. Since 1995 Moltech AH Kft. offers high quality conveyor belts for various parts of industries.

The requested belts are manufactured according to your enquiry in our workshop at Röszke from 40 different component. If it is requested, our well-trained and motivated colleagues can install the belt to your handling machine. The quality of our fieldwork is equivalent to our work at our workshop.  
Take a look at our References! Styling conveyor belts If it is required, we can weld on the surface of the conveyor belt various size, shape and color profiles and cleats, longwise and crosswise with different rib hardness. Usually these profiles are made from the same material as the top cover Due to this, our special welding prodecure integrates the parts into one piece. This method creates a lot stronger bond than the regular ones.  

For more information contact Mrs Kornelia Kis:  
Körzet 107  
H-6758 RÖSZKE / Hungary 
Ph. +36 20 981931